Sunday, August 3, 2008 Y 2:42 PM

yest was snco pop, and it wasnt really as enjoyable as i expected it to be. i should talk about the happy part first, everyone was promoted to SGT:D yea, and out of the 5 top cadets[knowledge], 4 was from dunman high school corps :] AIYA, WE ARE JUST TOO SMART. [oh ok, not WE, but THEY. haha, zhiwei lydia janson and wenzhong] oh and the other one is ismail. LOL. got caught for moustache during in-camp and side-burns during pop, haha, he's a funny guy who loves saying marvellous. LOL.

but yesterday really made me think. i dont know why, but apart from me, some others also felt thar our SJ life was going to end, during the snco pop itself, weird feeling, but quite true though, we only have 11 more months to change the corps, and become the turning point for our corps, and to salvage the declining standard [our squad managed to have a great start, with ALL of us getting promoted to SGT :D] congrats, people. haha, but i really wonder, do i really deserve the sgt rank? thats a question.

oh and i miss hengguang, haha, although he isnt with us physically, but we can actually feel his presence :D haha. i still pass tele message to him [: even those that he shouldnt receive. oops, sorry haha i'm blur D: yea, and we're going to see him soon :D on the 8th, but hopefully, he will be able to get out by then (: GET WELL SOON HENGGUANG, WE ALL MISS YOU WORHS.

yea, and i hope that what we said yesterday made you think, you know who i am talking about.


my LOVEly DACTYL house board.

std 1s doing drill :D to tell the truth, i'm seriously proud of them. [:

cip-henry park's boy's brigade. that guy, i think he'd david or sth. omg, he's damn pro, can match up to any of our stds. he would really make a lovely std 1, hopefully. :D